Angeles city Food Delivery App – Let’s bee

Since people can’t freely go out of their house during the Ncov lockdown period, eating and buying a grocery is also not easy. So I was checking the food delivery app such as Foodpanda or Grap food. However, there are many restaurants closed and do not offer a delivery service to our area.
But I found a new delivery app that we can order Korean food.

Let's bee

This is the name of the application. ‘Let’s be’. If you are living in Angeles city, you might saw the yellow delivery motorcycle. Maybe it’s their concept, yellow since ‘bee’ is their mascot^^ haha.

I think they are Korean companies because the restaurants available for delivery are all Korean restaurants only. We can see most of the Korean restaurants located in Friendship street in Angeles city. They deliver the food fast but I think there are some issues such as they forgot to put a spoon or sauce. Since the service is just launched recently and restaurants are not used to do deliver their food, they often commit mistakes. If you want to order food using this app, it is better to check the review of other customers.

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