English Essay sample – Hotel Reservation Dining


To: ABC Hotel, Manila Philippines

RE: Room Reservation for Lee Kang Park

July 01, 2011

Dear Hotel Manager,

I am writing to have an inquiry of the reservation details that I would like to have at your hotel, ABC Hotel in Manila Philippines.

I would like to reserve accommodation for a standard and deluxe room at your hotel for 3 days and 2 nights for the following dates: July 13, 2011 to  July 15, 2011 only.

I would also like to be informed about the details of the drop off and pick up zone availability and the traveling and the transportation time from the airport to the hotel. Confirmation of the following amenities and hotel services which are included in the cost of the stay are also part of my inquiries such as:

1) Breakfast
2) Morning Call
3) Pick-up Service

Lastly,  should I book online or over the phone, it is necessary for me to know exactly the most convenient booking method and I’ll be asking the detailed reservation information and contact numbers if possible.

Thank you for your prompt attention to the above inquiries and I look forward to receiving a letter confirming my reservation inquiry.

Kind regards,


( Your Name )


Lee Kang Park
IT General Manager
Abyss Telecommunications Company
#425 Manhattan Street
New York, New York

July 01, 2011

Peter Lee
IT General Manager
Celis Telecommunications Company
# 67-A Collorado Street
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Peter Lee,

With the good out turn of our team project, we cordially invite you to a dinner party which will be held this July 12, 2011, Tuesday night at exactly 7 pm. The dinner party will be held at the Marriott Hotel located at 123 Allen Street New York, New York.

Please RSVP via e-mail to me at [leekangpark@xxx.com] by July 10, 2011 to let us know whether you  and the rest of the IT managers of your company can attend.

Our door will be open for all the guest starting at 6 pm. The menu for our dinner will be in Chinese and Japanese with complimentary cocktail, beer and a glass of wine.

A complimentary gift is not necessary for the said event.

Hope to see you and everyone at this special celebration. We owe our team project’s success to you and to the rest of the IT managers in your company so please accept our sincere gratitude for your support.

Thank you!



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